Start creating better content, 5x faster, with the power of AI.

The complete content system for busy creators who want more followers and sales from their content.

Pay once. Keep forever.

Watch how my clients are getting +30,000 followers and monetizing to $10,000 months in 28 days.

Tons of lessons like this!

Turn followers into Dollars —

while you sleep

With the Content Catalyst System - it's not just trends - it's the entire content process from Ideation through to Monetization

Earn While You Sleep

Transform your followers into customers even when you're offline. Our automation ensures you're making sales and capturing leads 24/7, turning your social media into a revenue-generating machine

Work With Dream Bands

With our outreach methods and templates you will start working with brands you love (I've worked with Amazon, Gamestop, and Elevenlabs just to name a few).

Easy Setup

You don't need complex processes. We walk you through every tool we use.

Engaging Reels In Minutes

We give you 100+ free assets to use for your short form content. Plus, over the shoulder recordings of me ideating and creating a video from scratch

Viral Engagement

Each module is designed to not just save time, but to boost engagement and growth on your platforms.

No More Spammy Tactics

No follow for follow, fake followers, or any other guru tips and tricks. Just real growth, fro proven tactics that grew me from 0 to 250k in 6 months.

Let me show you how 👇

So who exactly is this for?

I originally built this for a couple creator friends who wanted to streamline their growth. I knew I had something reeeeally good. So I set out to expand on it even further and make it accessible for any level of creator!

annnnd it worked flawlesly - shocker

Check out if it's right for you 👇

Busy Creators & Entrepreneurs

You've been creating content for a little while but you don't know how to make that next leap in your journey. There aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done, make better content, and stay on top of trends. This system shows you how to be more effecient in your processes, create better content, and get hours back - every single day.

Side Hustler Wanting More Time?

Ready to ditch the 9-to-5 and go full throttle at this whole creator thing? Hell yea, I’ve done that — it’s wild. But, whether you’re just starting to gain traction or looking to monetize a booming follower base, this product is your blueprint to turn those followers into customers — automatically

Just Starting Out

You really have no idea where to start, you just know you want to start. We give you training modules that start all the way back at picking your niche. This way, you can start from a strong foundation and avoid the mistakes a lot of new creators make. You will be able to launch 10 faster than I did when I started 3 years ago!!


You're not just getting a tool; you’re getting a bonafide content system that’s changing how people build and grow their content businesses. Be bold, be different, and let’s make your dream a thriving (automated) reality.

More Views. More Followers. More Dollars

More Views. More Followers. More Dollars

Not only does this system help you grow your following (multiple clients over 40k in 30 days) but it will also increase leads and revenue across the board


In first 30 days


In first 40 days


IG & TT In 60 Days


In first 30 days

What Our Clients Say

What's included

I want you to have everything you need to hit the ground running Day 1. That's why I've included over 40 modules, 100+ free assets, and done-for-you Email Templates, Manychat Automations, Notion Guides, and more!

watch the demo!

What You Get

Course Curriculum

01. Getting Started

01. Getting Started

  • Quick Walkthrough

  • Life Changing AI Tool

02. Making Great Content

  • Identify Your Niche

  • Content Ideation

  • Content Matrix Masterclass

  • Ideas That Always Work

03. Faceless Content Mastermind

  • AI Powered Performance

  • Edit Like A Pro

  • All The AI You Can Handle

04. Platform Cheat Codes

  • IG vs Tiktok

  • Twitter

  • Automated Content

05. Need To Knows

  • Networking

  • Newsletters

  • How To Get Paid

  • Hiring A Team

06. Monetization

  • Beehiiv 101

  • Create A Lead Magnet

  • Sponsors

  • Manychat Deep Dive

07. Bonus Content


  • Where I Would Spend My Money

  • Make Your Money Back

  • UGC Crash Course

  • Best Of AI Interview

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Content Catalyst Bundle




✔ Content Catalyst Course


✔ Viral Faceless Strategies

✔ 48 Lessons (4+ Hours)

✔ 7 Manychat Templates

✔ All My Email Templates

✔ ContentGPT Access

✔ Entire Content Creation Process

✔ Manychat Course

✔ Entire Content Process

✔ Reels Rocketship Course

✔ Lifetime Updates

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Pay once. Keep forever.

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Who is this course for exactly?

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The Content Catalyst Life

What’s good!? Clark Gary here

I’ve been growing and monetizing Instagrams since 2019 — I had a ton of fun and helped creators add millions of followers in the process.

Things were good — until they weren’t.

Burnout hit annnnnddd I needed to do something about it. This is where the idea of ‘Content Catalyst’ came from.

Being able to automate the messy parts of a creator business without the need to hire assistants, add on employees, and still continue to grow — has been a career saver.

The ability to have my creator business working for me while I’m off creating content (or even sleeping) is what we all strive for as creators, amiright?

Here are a few reasons why I built this system:
1. To save loads of time on managing my DMs, comments, and growing my Instagram
2. To increase my views, reach, and engagement across the board
3. To generate more leads and sales — on autopilot (yes, it's cliche, but I guess you could say it's passive).

p.s. these didn’t just work on my account, they’ve captured over 15,000 emails, generated over 400,000 followers, and brought in over 60k revenue — now I’m bringing the same systems to you.

Last call!

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